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Made IN America Commercial – STIHL

So my television was providing droning nonsensical background noise as I worked, when something distinctly penetrated my focused thoughts and made me perk up. I heard the words “Made in America” delivered in a proud strong voice. As I swung my head around I saw the ending of a commercial.  I grabbed the remote and hit ‘Rewind’. It was a STIHL commercial which talked about, among other things, the over 2,000 employees in their Virginia Beach factory, I believe, and ended with the Made in America line.  I felt strangely energized.  It was so exciting and refreshing to see that commercial, yet so sad.  Sad that those types of ‘Made in America’ commercials are not more frequent. I wondered sadly, is this just a relic of the manufacturing giant that was America. Then I thought positively, is this a beginning of many commercials from across America proudly touting ‘Made in America’?  Would that make us proudly shop American-Made as the first option?

LIVE EDGE WOOD West North Carolina – Amazing Wood Craftsmanship with American Soul

This is the store you just have to visit my Dear People to find amazing wood crafts and amazing slabs of live edge wood. Each piece comes with its history matter-of-factly dished out by the owner. Once you meet the awesome, storyteller owner with the big disarming grin, sweet southern drawl and a huge bunch of charm, you will know why each amazing handcrafted piece you get from his store is special. Choose anything from a great collection to take with you, or leave a design to be crafted for you. Choices include slabs, mantels, cut and carve services, Signs, and Commissioned Projects. Stop by and you’re hooked. Live Edge Wood – an American community must-see.

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