Made IN America Commercial – STIHL

So my television was providing droning nonsensical background noise as I worked, when something distinctly penetrated my focused thoughts and made me perk up. I heard the words “Made in America” delivered in a proud strong voice. As I swung my head around I saw the ending of a commercial.  I grabbed the remote and hit ‘Rewind’. It was a STIHL commercial which talked about, among other things, the over 2,000 employees in their Virginia Beach factory, I believe, and ended with the Made in America line.  I felt strangely energized.  It was so exciting and refreshing to see that commercial, yet so sad.  Sad that those types of ‘Made in America’ commercials are not more frequent. I wondered sadly, is this just a relic of the manufacturing giant that was America. Then I thought positively, is this a beginning of many commercials from across America proudly touting ‘Made in America’?  Would that make us proudly shop American-Made as the first option?

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