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If you are one of those people who have that amazing body and can eat whatever you want because the calories magically disappear into thin air…Then this is perfect for you…Enjoy being a girl! Yay You!

Why we love: The fabric (Its the nice quality polyester, embossed and spongy soft, light taut stretch, not scratchy), the muted color as the cut and fabric highlights the body…

Bust: 18″
Waist: 15″

Hips: 19″
Length: 39″
Condition: Great – No tears, stains, cuts or other stuff noted

People: You look your absolute best when your clothing has some room between itself and the body even if it’s a little, for body movement. Body movement maximizes the structure, fall and sexiness of the clothing. SO, when you compare the clothing measurements to yours, if it’s exactly the same or a teeny bit more, don’t say, ‘Oh, I can get this’. No, please no! Do not do that! Unless it’s specifically made to fit unearthly tight, it won’t look right. Snug is tasteful, tight, no! Some fabrics are more forgiving than others so pay attention to our fabric content description. We want you to look your absolute best always! All vintage items posted will reflect some variable characteristics of age and or wear but we will make every effort to advise you of any damage, cuts, tears, stains or deficiencies noted upon inspection.

All Measurements are flat measurements – taken of the front with the garment laying flat. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO OUR MEASUREMENTS


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