PEASANT Orchid Raw HAND HEWN Leather Belt


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Definitely not a basic leather belt…It’s a girly belt!

Hand Hewn – A raw rugged little number for all your little prissy pieces and your go-to jeans leather belt too…

the Orchid Belt:
Leather Flower Buckle: 4 x 4.5′
Leather belt band: 3/4″ wide
Available in black, and the two colors as shown, light brown and cognac/honey toned brown. Made to fit by order.

Returns accepted within 7 days of delivery.

PEZENT Orchid Belt is hand cut, hand stitched, finished, sealed, waxed by hand…every part of the leather hide is used for any part of the belt so every distinct mark you see reflect repairs and marks in the hide. This also makes the belt distinct from any other.

PEZENT humble goods are raw, functional and influenced by a natural farm life where you make whatever you need from whatever you have, can barter or snag. Everything’s multi-purposed. Nothing is wasted. W.


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